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Terror Void [REMIX]


proton howitzer, sorry hasn’t painted yet


lava spray

my version the lava spray


Your artwork is getting better and better…


That’s way too hot!
Gorgeous art!


Magma Spray
Why not?


Either Hellhound’s Vice or Cinder Destiny


i cant log on via google so i made another account. ive been doing remixes of original torsos with GOD MODE. lemme know if u like






Looks like this could be a common-to epic version of brutality, if it was a bit thinner


The back could use a little more love, otherwise nice! :slight_smile:








Sorry,but I really wanted to point this out:

  • The torsos are asymmetrical.
  • The colors of some parts don’t match with the already existing parts in that given area.
  • The lines are not not concurrent/continuous between the already-existing parts and the added ones.
  • Some added parts go over/fill/cover the base parts,thus breaking the original design and not fitting on the base build.

Sorry but I don’t really like them.
You could use some training.
Keep trying and I’m sure you’ll soon enough get good at it.


It’s a Spider :rofl: but i like :ok_hand: :sunglasses:


tanto buen sprite y pensar tenemos que esperar 18 eventos para tener 18 items basados en esos sprites XD!


I’m sure we don’t need a judge on this thread.




I tried to make a dedicated for those who can not get to mythical…sure it has several failures but it cost me a lot even so I need to learn more…I hope you enjoy it