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I only go ape shit with the stats on dev items though. :wink:


20 cchhaarraacctteerrss


I used to put stats on my creations, but that only made it more of a hassle to post them.


but nice drawings. what you using for draw?


A combination of GIMP and Inkscape; GIMP for the bulk of the editing and Inkscape for advanced masking.


Vexillologist III - 19th December - Texas


Vexillologist III - 20th December - HTK, LLYL & Reign Reforged

How have I not done some flag designs for the top clans? Anyways, I’m feeling generous today.


Reforged* :slight_smile:


What about this Brutality torso customized for jungle fights?


Wew! that’s a nice livery.


What program do you occupy to do all that?


weapons more weapons


Actual remixes will resume in 2018. :slight_smile:

Why is there no more Fanart? :confused:

Looks cool! Keep going, dude!
But can you add Ukrainian torso? Ukrainian players playing in SM too and there are a lot of them here…


Already done Ukraine, that was December 3rd 2016’s livery.


Wow! =)

20 characters


Vexillologist III - 21st December - Earth

Considering that I’m seeing these Earth-chan memes being spammed everywhere I might as well make one of these liveries represent Earth. No, I’m not going to call it Earth-chan. Anyways much more advanced methods went into making this one, first time I used a gradient in a mask. lol


Vexillologist III - 22nd December - Hybrid Theory

This one is based off of the cover art of Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ EP, before it became the famous debut album by the band in 2000. This was also during the time when they were called Hybrid Theory instead of Linkin Park.

There was no way I wasn’t going to make this livery as they pretty much introduced me to metal. So, consider this as a small tribute.


I do not know, but your torsos would have to be in the game to buy them with gold coins


If you are talking about these Vexillologist posts, those are liveries not torsos.