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Electric Vandal Rage already exists




Yes, but nobody can get one.


Okay, I was fooled


Same goes for Trinergy. (20 chara)


I know… I said I was fooled as in tricked and realised I was tricked


This is awesome! :slight_smile:


I like this one!!! Very cool


I really like this one!


That looks kinda similar to what I drew…
Though mine looks like armored WindForge
57 AM
Thanks to @L4K3 I was able to catch that it looked like armored windforge.


Electric Turbine





Oh my, now this is a nicely done one if I do say. I’d imagine the shots would look similiar to how VS’s shots?


This is by far the absolute best sprite I’ve seen from you.
This is amazing!
Keep the good stuff going man,I can’t wait to see what you make next!


Other than that, it looks great!


But it’s a minor detail…
Also,other small details:
(Compare with the Hysteria above)

Yellow:Curved lines (correctly)
Green:Straight lines (incorrectly compared to the yellow side)
Red:Different fade orientation
White:Different distances between the radiator’s files.
Forgot to point out:Just 1 cm down from the white line,you can see the other fade portion,which is blue faded to black instead of the original (majority of) blue faded to white.
Also,there are missing shadows on this thing.

But I won’t say it’s bad.
Making mistakes is only natural.
And they can be overlooked as this is BY FAR his BEST work,which I also like A LOT!


gunner dron



gunner dron

in original or thinner form


I like this one better. Now at least it looks somewhat different from that legacy rocket launcher.


The weapon that we lack!

It would not hurt to incorporate it into the game.

What do think of the developers?

@Well @Wepwawet @El_Metre @Sarah247 @Mohadib :wink:


I want one…!!!