SuperMechs Sandbox


Brilliant work! I can see the colouring is done as the guide suggests :slight_smile:


amazing 20 characters

PD : they look like portals in the attack @Maxy


How did you draw it? with animate? if so you can send me the file and ill have a go.


I did not realize brother, thanks for telling me, every day I learn more


i am new to this stuff, dont know how to send the file, just a bored kid entertaining himself


Tally updated, @Joao_Brilhante and @Winz_Kay you’re both added.


Me encanta, sigue así Xdiego


dios primero zarkares con la fire y ahora tu y luego killin, ta dura la competencia XD!


realmente es el primer arma que haces que me encanta, solo verla es desearla, nice zarkares


en lugar del push, no es mala idea, podría ser rango 2-4 XD!!


gracias :stuck_out_tongue: well 20 charactttttttters


black mamba


black mamba blue


@Maxy what are those?


Black mamba or cobra jejeje or tiger


making for now


The Burner


Cool,the diamonds in front are kinda out of perspective boi


This is 10 times better than the artworks you made before this


I love recolouring!! It’s so fun… Here are some of my first works:

Phys_Heat Res Module (Angle) 2 - SoylentHeat_Energy Res Module (Angle) - SoylentPhys_Energy Res Module (Angle) - Soylent

Vandal Rage (Energy)

I can do these for anyone if anyone needs any… otherwise I will do them for fun