SuperMechs Sandbox


I love those!


It reminds me of “One Shot, One Kill” legacy legendary drone ^^

GJ anyway, I like those ^^


Why not “Lex Talionis” ?

I find it match well the art of those weapons ^^



owo whats this


Nice first sprite bro, welcome to the crew.




Flashed boi


nizzzzzee I love the sprite. Looks like a little mouse bowing down to something. Would love to see it implemented. Just add the stats. Love it as a legend to myth Golem counterpart.


Thanks brooo, i think this one wouldn’t be implemented, it’s kinda different of everything in the game…

What a fast reply


tfw you are so bad at making sprites

Ayy <3



Hell Yeah.



Metal Booster/Grim Reaper combined?

if so, I’m loving it


Ultraspade + Metrolens + Hellfire Armor + USA Mark I + Another torso which i don’t remember.

I preffer remixing legacy items, the sprites from SM Reloaded have very much fails, players can’t see in-game but when oppening it in Flash it’s terrible.


Oh I see, well it reminds me of those two oddly enough. But eitherway, Lovely design, keep it up!


Screen shot of 1000% Zoom on Flaming Scope.

All the blue marked things are fails, irregular forms, deformed lines, wrong coloring, perspective fails…


old fan art


My gosh,I love this one.
Good job KilliN!
I know you made it previously but in black.
It was good like that too,but now it’s even better!
Keep it up,bro :slight_smile:


Oh oh, didn’t see this!
Loving it!
Gives the max myth feeling too,plus it’s simply,utterly amazing!


Electric scope?
20 characters