SuperMechs Sandbox


Thx bro i will try :slight_smile:


Ok wep :slight_smile:


@KilliN I’ve been wanting to see those funds for so long :cry:

Thank you very much for sharing!!! :smiley:

Can I use them in my YouTube videos? :astonished:
I ask, out of respect for copyright.


Np bro, you can use it.
TS owns the images but i think they wont strike your video SM video, since it’s promoting the game :slight_smile:


Lili Ryu :heart: also beautiful designs.

How many people we did not even know existed,
and they make this from attractive to the game.

A big applause, for ALL designers!!! :grinning:


OK, thanks :slight_smile:


Those images were posted by the oficial SM page.


official SM page on which site ? do you remember ?


Facebook :slight_smile:


thanks ^^


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como creo la animación de disparo ? ,creo primero como disparar el arma y despues el proyectil ?
How do I create the shooting animation? , I think first how to shoot the weapon and then the projectile?
certainly could suggest statistics and any aesthetic correction


Shooting animation not needed :slight_smile:


Ultimate Flame Machine Gun

Gimp Version (Made 2 years ago)

Flash Version
Ultimate Explosive Machine gun


I would actually love this. A minigun? Sick! One that spits fire? Totally radical!


Basically a needle blaster , but deals heat damage :smiley:


nice one ^^

A fiery minigun now ? what would be next ?

An ice-shard-headed homing rocket launcher ? ^^




Remix of My last posted sprite.


IMO all of these are amazing and would go into the game really well. I think this should be an epic-myth fireball launcher and have that version be the legendary.

You know what, I might as well give these weapons stats (myth).

Flaming Minigun:

1-2 range
0 Energy cost
0 Energy damage
45 Heat cost
112 Heat damage
3 turns
187-256 damage
0 knockback/pull

Fireball launcher:

2-4 range
23 Energy cost
0 Energy damage
60 Heat cost
146 Heat damage
Infinite turns
140-197 damage
1 knockback

If you have more experience with myths (I don’t) change them if you feel the need.


Kinda useless to say if it’s zero, huh ? ^^

Well…It’s just an explosive TC/LW with unlimited uses^^


What does that mean? I can change it to 3 turns.