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Everything’s now updated.

Now for the artwork that I’ve been developing in Janurary.

Terminator - Rare to Mythical

My first fully complete set of item created in Flash; it takes all of the skull themed assets and fits them into it’s style. Comes in 3 different setups, 4 technically; Combustion, Electric, Hybrid and None. All of my remixes will follow this structure from now on with only radical items being the main exceptions.

Vexillologist - Legendary


Liveries should be easier now that I’ve re-created this one in Flash. However I still need to learn how they mask colours onto their sprites first. The videos on the SuperMechs channel doesn’t offer any help with this as the UI is obscured and I think they are also using shortcut keys.

Vexillologist is technically an L-M item, however you will be able to get it in it’s legendary form when transforming an epic Terminator torso due to “Transform Branching”.

Ultralox - Legendary


Some of you may remember this one as “Hyperspade”, to fit into the game’s current format I’m posting this one again under “Ultralox - Legendary”. It is also quite obvious that both where based on each other in the first place.

Now I shall disappear! For February I’m going to distance myself from the sprite scene as I want to pursue other projects. I know most of these are just re-creations but I am going to attempt originals in the future.






emmm? nice work emmm


did it all offline on google drawing and got some pics off google b4 the internet went down



Well i guess welcome back @Zarkares :slight_smile:


Awesome Xzyckon, i love to see the old sprites back to live.


that is GREAT artwork there @Zarkares I would love that axe as a weapon on my mech


The Evil One The Misunderstood One

The Evil One



Come on, I already told you this guy isn’t evil, just misunderstood…!


Ok, renamed with sucess.


a preview of Killin’s work based on the torso I made… :slight_smile: nice work


the mythical I did it :slight_smile: by maxy jeje


I give you Froggy


With the help of Killin


Will I ever see a real Mordulec torso?
Do you want me to take a selfie so that you know what I am talking about??


Amazing as usual Zark!


Honestly, that thing is just as disturbing as the meme one. Shit’s staring into my soul, KILL IT.

Nice sprite skills, but this one can go back into archives (just for pure creepiness)