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I don’t cleanly remember the names of all those items…



Firewall, I might recognize Red Beam and Cooker too ^^


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elder scroll fire …nice name


Running out of SM universe, there we go.

ALPHAAA (Omega it’s comming too!)

Other colors i like




XDDDDDDDDDDDDD :ok_hand::joy_cat::+1:


Here is my fanart. Written by pineapple pen xD
Here is torso “Creative Mode X”.
Legs “Trio-Transporters”.
Side weapon “MisslesShotter”.
Top weapon “Masterious Cannon”.


omg is is really exellent job


Toxic Hammer
By: @OHMssssGamer

Toxic Hammer

I just vectorized it.


“Missile Shotter” ?

“Masterious Cannon”?

And when did Gucci start making g swords? I thought they made only shoes and stuff


WOW :ok_hand::joy_cat::+1:


road_fire (1)
roar fire


if they do rolling legs I do a (improving rolling legs from epic to mythic) if they make a rolling legs I leave a good name “infernal runners”


It looks like a D*ck dude xD

But it’s a good job , maybe if the curve wasn’t there


No : )


Not Duck , Di**


This is cool.
But where is the other side?
Legs come in pairs even if wheels, right?


It’s self-balancing, so you just have put the torso on and balance weapons’ weights ^^


me llego al kokoro, las quiero Q.Q! dame 3


jajajaja este wel…malditos 20 caracteres