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…I have fun doing this… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Q.Q!!! darme uno


jajaj con gusto mi buen


So I made this over the course of this week and I’m currently using it as my background for my pc.
Please tell me what I should do with it,either:
-Leave it as a background picture :lock::key:
-Continue it (please leave some suggestions down below) :unlock::paintbrush::fountain_pen::pen:
As you can see,it’s mostly done by hand (in Paint),in 600% zoom,pixel by pixel…Yeah,took me quite a while to make it look as smooth as possible,add in details,etc.I also used 2 sprites made previously (not by me).Credits to their authors.
I know it ain’t the best thing around in this forum but I tried making something SM-related for the first time (for I mostly did AQW remixes on characters and all that were a lot easier for me to do than a full-scale mech,don’t ask)…
And if there’s anything wrong with this one…I’ll gladly take the criticism!
Thank you :wink:


pixel by pixel? no way man, or you are verrrrry patient XD


Too bad there are no good SM funds :confused:


It’s not his sprites he claimed

I think you did not read it completely


Yeah, i stopped reading when he said this “done by hand” nonsense, he simply pasted the images and invert the colors lel.


and me here wasting time as I had not thought of investing colors! :'v

but right now I remember not to reverse the colors in paint xD!


To invert colors in MS Paint just press Ctrl + Shift + i


thanks for telling me how to invert the colors :smiley:


IS TRUE :slight_smile:




Why does it have a torso sticking out of its butt? Lel xS


This one actually made me laugh


Yes,I did invert the colors but changed them afterwards.It you were to invert Naga’s metallic color,it would turn out as a very light gray (try it)…This one’s black and yellow and a little light gray (that’s the true inverted color…look at the arm’s joints) as accent.
And yeah,I’ve done it pixel by pixel for the most part.The outlines were really chubby and edgy,so I erased them and drew new ones by hand to make it look as smooth as possible,just like the details.Sure,I did fill with color here and there but there are some large plates on it (with the same color) and would take ages to fill them by hand.
And if you look closer,like zooming in on stuff (remember,I used 600% zoom on it to get the pixel arrangement right),you can see how much I’ve actually altered it.
Plus,if it was just a rip-off of a color reverse,I wouldn’t dare to post it anywhere.This one’s really worked on.
I think I’ve been on this forum for enough time for everyone to know I ain’t a rip-off kind of dude :laughing:


:V :v :v :expressionless:


That’s enough to proof i’m wrong, sorry. :slight_smile:


Help me on making a name for this!

It’s a remix of some legacy stuff.


Gamma Cooker

Which legacy btw ? ^^