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Great job, it looks like an already In-game weapon ^^

Btw, do you think you can make the elec and phys version for each tier ? (swithching red color to blue and yellow for most ^^)


I will try :)…20 character


super heat


Hey, Maxy… Once I came across the images of the whole arena extracted without mechs… They were cool, and I would use them in my vids… But I cannot find this thread. Can anyone help me with this? Your work is awesome! Liked.


Those backgrounds are contained within GeneralLibrary.fla which I have so I can extract them for you. Unfortunantly like with most of the bigger assets in these fla files they are in raster format which means that shitty lossy compression that we all hate. (yes because apparently Adobe can’t handle lossless compression) They are also quite small in comparison to the foreground assets.


is what I have…


Download all SM backgrounds here.



Killin, you are my god or godess! Thank you very much!


I can get other images, like boxes, cards… Ask me if you need it for any video or idk.


Where did you found them ? I remember saw them somewhere in the forums weeks ago, but I can’t remember where…:sweat_smile:


Nevermind, I got the source ^^


Firestorm for heat and Mithrill for physical. it’s a drone : - )


I like them, but a bit “cubic” for me ^^

What would looks like the energy one ? ^^


exactly the same, but with blue colour, not that hard to imagine



I like …bro :slight_smile: nice job




So, Killin, what would be so special about the new drone? Would that be the first energy-free physical?


I’d LOVE if i could set the real stats of the item if was added to the game, pys energy-free drone is really needed : /


Really … 20 characters


Is it going to shoot rockets?