SuperMechs Sandbox

Yes but would be nice to see it normally without the white background.

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finally lol.

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extra things for APOSJ[IRGDVDOFSF


aye wtf

those look suspiciously adobe animate

you got dem files or sumting?

if so, hand em over, bub.


i dont have wifi i only use my phones data thing takes likes 5 minutes to upload a thing

Hey kid!

Because it’s harder to see flaws in the darkness.

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yes butt would be better to see the :b:ormal things youknow

if you guys want to seek flaws, watch that video about how it was made.

Hmmm…I mean,it’s pretty cool,but too black.Try the SM black,like the super matte but lighter black.

If the term lighter black exists.
But you know what I mean.

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it’s a bug when i post it with png type.

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There’s a problem when he uploads his things in the forums… Or basically anywhere else I’m assuming.

I tested it, downloaded one of his sprites, and surprisingly; it looked normal in Inkscape.

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I also downloaded one of my sprite but it was pixel related.
It is also pixel related in your inkscape?
No answer…

I won’t draw for a while.
I will be back when this thread is alive again.

Ok let me make things clear here

the sprites are simply transparent

because instead of using greys, he used only black with different alphas

white bg = fine sprite
dark bg = dark sprite
red bg = red sprite

same to any other color


you wanna save this thread?

whats the point of this question

will you be back drawing sprites and stuffs
Make this thread to be what it used to

why in the hell would i waste my time to do that