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Hmm, there are fewer sprites made now days because some of the artists are gone now. And the ones that remain aren’t as active as they once were.

Not everyone is cut out to be artists. Just be happy people still appreciate sprites being made.


You could make a topic for a sprite contest. Sarah does gives out tokens for sprites Tacticsoft wants to use in the game.

You’d have to ask Sarah if she would agree to this. And then, ask her for some guidelines in what Tacticsoft is looking for in a sprite.


i don’t really play SM, i’m here just because of the drawing style.
What is a sprite contest about ?


I had the feel the majority of people here don’t like the artworks, that’s why i’m not making art here anymore… i was just wasting my time.
Not just the SM sandbox… but, everywhere around here.


it doesn’t matter they care or not.
If you draw something and get 0 like, it doesn’t mean that your sprite is being hated, but you are improving your drawing skill.


Make a sprite contest for anything relating to the game (e.g., torsos, legs, weapons, drones, etc.)


well about the likes… i don’t care much, it’s just how little is the ingagement and feedback. or better saying :point_right: the lack of these.
And even if i was taking requests i’m no profissional the feedback part would still be little
¯_( >>)


i was planing to do a Demonic and Angelical torso ideas… guess what

why would i proceed for the ones that doesn’t even care? i made it to myself and i loved it… couldn’t feel more better


i wanna see

so it’s like SM sandbox?


Something like the sandbox. However, the goal is to get your work made into the game, while earning tokens doing it.


The Brazilian Guy, art is really subjective work. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Meaning, some people may love your work or hate it.

If you’re aiming for a happy medium, with the most likes. Then, you need to cater your work for the masses. Think what people would enjoy seeing. Then, make it happen.

With luck, people will talk about your artwork more. However, I feel most people respond with a simple like, just like it’s in Instagram.


If you want a dialogue, then make a topic asking people what they want to see. Get inspiration from them. Then, see what you can do with it.


No can do pal…
I depleted my forces, can’t proceed nor ask people what they want me to do.
All those years i made art based on things i got on mind… be it inspirational or not.
Even if get to do art here again… well i don’t know if i would be happy doing it ( if i’m not happy i can’t do nothing but do other things instead like… playing games, hack roms of sonic and such ), but i was saying… i’m happier doing art for myself ( sketches on paper is what i honed my skills more )


Getting to the successful place is powered not only by being happy doing it, it is also by trainings, even if you don’t want to.
And if drawing is just your hobby, then ye, do it when you feel good.


And now the final stand.

  • it’s deep in my mind i cannot change it: I don’t do art for attention nor ego… but the lack of feedback really make me feel… just… DISAPPOINTED that’s what i get for wanting to expose my art.
  • and then… the quality issue, oh god… my family failed to raise me a good self, what momsters could raise a child so humgry for power… i feel so sorry for the kids that don’t have good caring parents. seriouly… i want so badly to have power and be rich… so that i can develop good quality content and… WRONG good content does not equal mpnetary conditions… :smiley: people do art with trash… YES they do… but those simple thing can’t go throught my unneducated inner kid…
    and that’s all i have… since my mom is not around i had to say those thingto anyone someday… sorry for the gloom topic but… i just…


Yep… that’s my hobby, and i practice things almost everyday.
I do have bad memory… but when it comes to drawings… oh boy… it’s a NEVER FORGET NEVER EVER FORGET thing going on


But in case someone’s is worried now… don’t worry i’m not depressed and i’m doing a lot of progress on sonic ocs ( yep that ‘hog dude that loves goin’ fast and such )
i still happy for making such good ideas, they’ll be used for sure in… f u t u r e projects.


The Brazilian Guy, that’s good to hear. Be happy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks bud :sunglasses: This text will be blurred


I Need My Torsos in New version

And Leg