SuperMechs Sandbox


Use Long Boad


It looks like it’s better for Tracks.

But overall, A nice torso~!


it’s definitely your best item


Should the sandbox be who we wan to fight, and copies of others.


A hook I swear.


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why in the oblivion post this in this topic

also thats the legacy version of that weapon

and the people behind these images don’t play the game so mistakes are likely to happen


Boiling Death[Side Weapon]


This is so extremely badass,man…


WARNING This Weapon You Must have hight HP
if there is low HP You Can Dead Because This Weapon can Reverse Damage for You
[But you will be left with 1 HP if there is low HP]

Danger Nuke [Side Weapon]

This Is Old Art


tactical nuke incoming


I was thinking of calling that… Lava Impact, or Boiling Death.


Although its a perfect but a small nuke sign at a side would give it 100/100




This is so extremely badass.Damn,man.


thanks man that looks AWESOME.


Hysteria on steroids.


Super Shock

this weapon took me a month to finally overcome my laziness holy

What it may look like on mechs





Split hybrid cannon in half and there you have it