SuperMechs Sandbox


I absolutely love it! This is real art!


My god looks like my kinda mech with the dino head n teeth n buld up thats so awesome zarky


yooooo godzilla torso is what it looks likes bro thats fkin cool


I think it fits in the game as it is rn, no crazy cluttered lines and all, overall a very good work in my opinion


Damn yeah I just noticed it it’s Soo wierd lool


mutilato (2)
a new toy jejeje


excuse the little aspect


it’s nice, but if i quess corectly, most of the animations of the guns in the game, show almost evry barrell shooting. If this will get done, and introduced, the animation of it fireing would take about 6-8s…


Make it like nightfall and annihilation?


honestly everything I do I do not think that will get into the game…
shot simultaneous 3-4 s


NICE! Very well done. I love the design of it. Also love your other sprites and gun designs you made. Very well made! They look so cool too <3




Me recuerda al diamond XD!


So.I see Golem,GrimReaper and Windigo packet in one hell of a torso!
Is it still a WIP (for I think it could use some more details)?


same I can see Windigo, Golem and Grim Reaper


I made it in 2016, it’s a remix of Legacy items only, USA(Windingo), Ultraspade, Metrolens and Hellfire torso.

Here is the original made by me on gimp:

And his brothers:

i’m going to re-masterize those soon


How do you draw these???


Downloaded to torsos in PNG from
And remixed all using the Crop & Paste Tools


Like in Photoshop??? 20 c


Exaclty, but now my sprites are made in Flash Professional CS6