SuperMechs Sandbox


Puma [Torsos]

Original Old torsos:Electric Satan


@Xzyckon that one torso you once willed to re-make


Sh*t of God [Side Weapon]

Thank original Weapon:Metal Rock

Item It is a Joke


What in the shi

Let’s use this weapon when the Devs implement a useless items, whos with me?


Water in Shi
62% = is CPU Damade In Mech
+Enemy Hit 2 Time = Enemy Can’t Jump Because shi it Gain weight To Enemy


is this too simple? made it in under 30 minutes


Zazzy [Torsos]


Of of your best torsos if you ask me


That’s actually really Good…Nice one


With the addition of the Ejection Blast,I think we’ll need a couple more tanks of fuel for that thing.


This is insane!!
@Berserk40000,could you hit up the devs about this?


myth or maybe more detail


Bull [Torsos]

Thank For My Old Torsos


we need sum leg sprite


I Remade Unknowe Legacy Leg

‘Horse Leg’ and ‘Nova’

I Need Remade legacy Item Because I Like Mystery Item


The name of the first one is metal stick
and second leg is called volanco charger
its the original names


If sweetie had a bigger brother


OK Thank :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Windigo has now gotten a wife.