SuperMechs Sandbox






Ya know…that could be rock buster or mabye Death tube


Tbh,i dont think so.Look at how many others have chat =\


k,ill deletethe msgs ig


Man, stop deleting messages…


remade in gimp


Royal Titans Torsos

It Is Castle Mech


Anubis (Legendary, Version 2)



Originally, this was just a test on different styles of shadings. Now it looks like this beauty.

Also this is one of my neatest works yet. And when I say neatest, I really say neatest. It doesn’t have those “spaces” in-between Color/Line anymore, like @KilliN once said to me back at Discord.



Armor of God (thicker lines fix)

Now that looks kinda better to me, doesn’t it?


@cyanine been high tier spriting


Save SM sandbox guys


i know im not supposed to be saying this,but i am dissapointed cus i dont have a good website to draw/make sprites =\




yall better get ready for some more mashups. i got my chromebook back.
what should i make thats c-m?

  • Top weapon
  • Side weapon
  • Torso
  • Legs
  • Drone
  • I don’t care just make something

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New Color Kit [You Can Test Color In Flash Animation]
[I Custom And Remade Old Color Kit]


:clap: we :clap: need :clap: these :clap: paints :clap: in :clap: the :clap: game :clap: now :clap:


I need that purple so badly :sob: