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The Thanos Torso


I gave it a 7.

Also a name; LightningSkul


Beard Torso 20 charsss


LINK? HOWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww???


It’s called photoshop, welcome to internet


Curvy remixes of Shogun Titan




I use sketchpad for my projects.


I see a resemblance with my greatest masterpiece


Another amazing drone maked :smiley:



“Meltdown Binder”


Little story about this: It was made out of random shapes, while I was trying to teach @Battlesquid how to NOT make something flat


is that supposed to melt the bot or something? a melting effect would be nice on heat mechs, if they reach high heat they take melt damage which is 1/16 of their Hp


Trancedge (EPIC)


Shredder Fire



kill me please i have all the day making the tiers xd! :u


I feel like we need a another Common-mythical item. Wouldnt yall agree?

  • Yeah
  • No

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Everything new thats been added is at least epic-myth.
Im not sure why this was flagged. I woulve made a common-myth weapon or item.


Lol, been a while since I’ve seen this :smiley:


Blue Atom [Top Weapon]

Download File:


I love it :heart::heart:


This is super detailed and well done!Amazing job,fellow artist!


… No , how you maked ?Also,

why? why? why?


Ultra Great Titanium Armor [Module]

+Hit Point 179
Weight 61 kg

Upgrate Full
+Hit Point 375
Weight 61 kg

+Hit Point 465
Weight 61 kg

Upgrate Full
+Hit Point 728
Weight 61 kg

You can Custom Stats ?