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Guys,welcome back w4rd0g to the community.I kinda left for ages XD


Holy crap, Age of War. :open_mouth:

That’s my favorite flash game then, I’m happy to see it again :smiley:

I was a total brute, can finish all difficulties no problem :v


That’s Age Of War 1!


i beat every mode on age of war 1, age of war 2, and army of ages 3. and a bonus i beat miragine war
(edit) i sound so much like a tryhard :tired_face:


Well then.
I won’t call it my favorite, but it’s certainly good. :P


RIP the games …
Luckily I was never heading to program anything in flash anyway, so that don’t hurt me.
I need to gear up and port game over (to Windows) fast…


Holy Crap!

Also, on Google play store


Don’t know how to gradients. :crazy_face:
But in future, if i learn this, i redact it.


Fat Elephant: leg

Epic ------------------------------------------> Legendary ------------------------------------------> Mythical


Is that Age of War I see?


well you know how lava scope was a great hit back then before the reload i was wondering if someone can make something look like lava scope it will be great and im pretty sure lots of people will be happy to see it again
Image result for super mechs lava scope


I remember @OHMssssGamer did something similar.


Nice legs!
Could probably even make this set rare to mythical :slight_smile:


Feel free to join the sprite server and ask people for support there :slight_smile: you can even drop the file into there and some people may try to demonstrate on the file to show you how.


everybody also loved mamut and tappings. they should definitely bring back canon feet in physical form


Fat Elephant
+Add Common and Rare

Common --------------------------------------------------------------> Rare


im already doing this part for him


Make Sprite Server great again!


That server will rot away


twas the server that made me love discord


Test Fat Elephant Leg:common --> Mythical


(Picture says: Invite not valid Expired or you don’t have rights to join.)

This server? Or other? I just misunderstand this.

Or this by Killin?