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Desgin :b




@KilliN can you flash this for me?

Thank you, if you ever do it or no even. :slight_smile:

If you have the time, can you also make a separate one that is color red? You can avoid do this, if you got no time unlike Mr. Incredible.


Began to study Flash.

So small


If you read the code.

That should tell you its a weapon not a leg


bb guys, i retired permanently from all



How you been?..




well, only what, i have job, and others times studie, i dont have more time for making sprites, sorry.


It’s Fine, Do what you must…you will be missed


Plague Mask Perk

Ability : It can turn all your weapon projectiles color green, much like Snowballs Perk. But unlike the snowballs perk, it also makes the colored parts of mechs colored green as well.

Examples on a Mech

It looks ridiculous on mechs, trust me lol


New portal coming… Lol …jk


When it’s this tiny,I actually think it fits the SM style perfectly.Would look gorgeous on a mech.Hell,my Archimonde would surely love that!!!


Then we’ll need someone to flash that thing and make the devs approve of this.

I dont care even if it costs 100, 200, hell, even 300 tokens. I would buy this thing.

(Although not 400, you can get like legends with that money)


I would pay even that price.I think it’s worth more than a premium pack and a box of epics.


wait how and why

And speak of the devil…

grimreaper archimonde

they’re fighting, while Plague Samurai is on defense position.


I like it but…I don’t know how I feel about how it looks on a mech, it looks weird


It does, that’s what I said at the spoiler above.


What if it was a perk for your drone? the pumpkin perk, it hides the drone, and since it’s like a crow, it’ll fit just right when hovering



I’ll think about that.

@SeanChoi1870 isn’t there a drone named “Crow”? :rofl: