SuperMechs Sandbox


The design is pretty supermechs related, but theres too much detail and plus, being a “mech” that cannot be used in-game.


Say that again,but only after you actually draw something.




Just STFU Chicken…geez


no u


people decided to post half-done and quickly drawn sprites that clogged up the thread so that many real spriters couldn’t showcase their sprites properly. This lead to a shortage of sprites and now this topic has become null and a reminisce topic, much like flex thread


Yo dont know that i am editting my post until it is finished, it is just to show that i have started something.
You wont see my half-done sprite as soon as i finish it
And the mech in the paper is finished not half-done


I was sugar coating it. They’re all trash, except the occasional delight.


Ye the one in gimp is trash due to the mirror is being too fat , and it’s a 1/7 project. We should post sprite when it is done, just image that i only post the sprite in the paper, and about gimp it is an evolution, people can see what i do if they want to, or i will remove it if over 1/3 of you guys want to


aka the deflex thread
(looking at you 2ab)


Was not @Elcent have to make their kids quiet


Take it easy guys, сatch this “Hell Feast”.


Double short sword :b

Took so fucking long.
Best Ms Art ever :wink:
I think my skills is better :wink:
I wonder how could you guy cut all the part of items that perfectly…


@silverbox Can you take care of this topic? some guys dont get the rules, or even @Marija, please.



Remade in flash :slight_smile: Full credits still to yourself.


Thank you very much! :heart:


Elcent officially no longer helps out Supermech side.


He did a post about it ?


I’m not sure, but that’s what I’m getting told.

Why would he feel the need to post that


This topic is bae for a reason:

When someone post a comment here, there needs to be 10-20 replies related to that person’s post, regardless of any rule y’all just start posting nonstop 'till someone with extra perms start deleting the posts.

I’m sure that everyone here knows the no-posting rule here, but can’t handle your own want to correct someone, while doing the same thing and posting once again.