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This thread is not what it used to be: loss of KilliN, Maxy, XDiego, L4K3, Xzyckon, Elcent and who ever else who sprited. All gone because of the poorly made drawings that flood the place. Even if the sprites were good… the presentation were trash. The image size too big, too blurry. Terrible straight lines and unfitting to SM


Does that count me? Because I have some drawings that dont fit SM and has unstraight lines.

Be honest to me now, not gonna be mad.


this will be flagged. why?
kids and whoever runs this place hates the truth…


You’re fine


Sory I don’t know my doodle made people noy like that. :frowning:
And out my “doodle” actually took me 30min to make 1 :frowning:


Can somebody SMify this?
Remove Scope and Handle.


If you remove the scope and handle,all that would be left would be merely a rectangle shaped cannon…


I got an idea from that image.


@discobot roll 1d2
1-those items will be added soon
2-those items will never be added

This was not necessary


:game_die: 2


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


@Bruce0206 fortune

:crystal_ball: Stop replying to this thread with Discobot. This is a Supermechs Sandbox topic. Continue this on your own topic, thank you. :slight_smile:


I painted it.


Hey, that’s a good idea, I think I’ll make that thread.


Why don’t you let them do it


They don’t want to, 'cause they think they are better “artists” if they post here. But if I make a thread for them, they’ll think they’re special because someone else made a thread of them (they’ll see it as a token of appreciation) and because is made uniquely for them.


But…Then again, they might not see it in a positive way and think we’re abandoning them from the Main Topic for Fanart.

Just let them do it, they might make a PM, maybe they’ll just make a normal topic, you never know…


Well, I guess you’re right…



Lets stop filling this topic with our comments


That’s the point,Sean!