SuperMechs Sandbox


Kinda looks like the corpus helmet from Warframe that generates that shield-


:fireworks: KilliN is back!!! :fireworks:


Heat lava scope torso with 400 cooling :grin::heart_eyes:


And 400 kgs


Thats what L4K3 said to me while I was creating this torso lol




holeh crap i found found him bois


Just finished it :slight_smile:
Need paint?

Ps.Using Ms paint :wink:


This is so terrible omg

First stage - sketch

Next stage - Remade SM style

Coming up with ideas is hard…how do you do it?


I’ll actually try to recreate this.

Heat, Energy or Phys?




Looks better as phys though.


Then do physical


Actually, I tried. Just tried.

It’s actually pretty hard for me to recreate something, can’t get the damn right perspective ._.

Although, I will save the file.


It’s looking good


Too tall though, and if I squash it, it will look like Mario’s legs.


hand em over


damn you caught me with my illegul drags.

Wait a second


It looks alright, maybe a few tweaks here and there


Just draw for fun.


Gotta Mine them Diamonds

Im sorry for making this joke, ima go back to the kitchen