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trying to keep the trouble to the minimum




new titan xd

The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread

Armor :))))

Reduce our damge till it broken can reduce most is 600 hp.
Draw by:
Paint by:


Nice :wink:
I like those colors :)))
Where I put my original ?


made an epic and legendary version of the Hunter. the epic is unmodified of the legacy version.


Paint by @Haikata-san and draw by @2ab(me) because made by two people so I can up it too :v


Drawed before(1 month ago), because don’t have haikata-san so I need to paint my-self :v



Can someone borrow me a camera?



Sorry if the drawing quality is bad.





@2ab see what I drawed :v
A Bazoooka


this is why we cant have nice things… ._. please start posting SUPERMECHS RELATED stuff not just random art.


Battle axe nice thousand.


BOOM! art.


You guys delete those reply :v


how about taking it to this conversation, yes?


Sorry if I may be a little arrogant,but what these couple guys post (not calling anyone’s name as not to be too offensive,but you already know who I’m talking about) isn’t even art.

It’s either something copied and pasted from another game or a crappy doodle made in MS Paint.

If they would at least try to put some effort,maybe we could count their works even if they are indeed made in Paint…But no.These are just 5-min worthless sketches that fill up the place,just like this reply.

(Of course,that have absolutely nothing to do with the game’s sryle or the game itself!)

Guys like that should post in a facebook group full of 10 yo that just discovered that their PCs have such a program as Paint.That group should be called the Wanna-be Happy Painters and should not,by any chance,be shared in this thread or the Fanart section as a whole.

Obviously,I’m making fun of the matter so that,again,these children don’t get offended,as a couple forum members are waaaay to easily triggered and literally go raging if you tell them the smallest and most insignificant thing about them.

But seriously,get your shitty doodles out of here.I really mean it when I say it’s pure rubbish.We don’t need your crap.You’re already full of it and spreading it in the whole forum,at least God bless this thread and banish your crap from this thread.

If you get triggered by this,then you are one of them and I do not give a single flying pancake about what you have to say.

And I was talking solely about this thread.Don’t even get me started how “some” shouldn’t have any place in the entire forum at all.Oooh boy,don’t get me started.



I would TOTALLY rock this on my Phys mech