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I will think… ( this be a drone … so good my return … and i making this beautiful drone oh my god)


Well guys … this is my new sprite for my return of today :slight_smile: ¡Drone! … :)))) [ i flashed this … because i drawed this lol ]

Fire Darkness


%3Brgkne%3Bgjn%3Bdfnejngkdfng Drawinkjerfwjehrpghroiewpg remixed%20cooldown%20blocker%20(1) dbrgfbsrfndzfcgstgnb Heres some of my older remixes. I cut up other weapons then threw em together.


“N-HELL-V” By @cyanine

I kindly “SM-ized” it.







holeh crap i found found him bois


Just finished it :slight_smile:
Need paint?

Ps.Using Ms paint :wink:


This is so terrible omg

First stage - sketch

Next stage - Remade SM style

Coming up with ideas is hard…how do you do it?


Actually, I tried. Just tried.

It’s actually pretty hard for me to recreate something, can’t get the damn right perspective ._.

Although, I will save the file.


Just draw for fun.





this is my first mashup in a while so if its bad im sorry.

Physical needs some love. so i made a phys weapon.


Alright now I remember why I hated doing sprite drawings on my computer.
Because they succ.
I would have added more but I couldn’t bare the fact of how hard it was for me…


Raster version of that Halo thing

I may Flash it


Whatever this crappy sprite is.

Although I will say it looks a lot cleaner then all my other drawings.


Just because I haven’t been posting does not mean the rules of this thread should be forgotten.

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To me this is the best thread on the forum. The best part of the community. All the talent and hard work people pour into these.

If you wish to comment to someones work just send them a PM or start a new thread. Don’t make a comment that just bogs the thread down.


Elcent. If it’s fine, can this reply stay here for people to see?

So. I was hoping more people would use @WinzKay’s “Super Mechs Sandbox Talk” topic.
Its a topic I think people should use more often, rather than replying here.

Thats all I wanted to say.


This is the Sketch stage…I don’t know how I’m going to draw it in SM style…



say hello to the Conquerer. a mix of the zarkares and the hyperion. and a small twist.
EDIT: im making an attempt to revive the convo thread made specifically for this topic. :3
the mythical reminds me of the windigo or the usa mark i :joy:

The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread

its a family
thicc bois :joy: