SuperMechs Sandbox



just another one to my large weapons collection.


I’ve had this idea of ‘Jumbo Mechs’ for a while, these large weapons could be incorporated into that.


my first artt-rex mech


That’s a good one ! .


I feel like the ‘Featured Artists’ tab is beginning to grow too large for the forums to handle, so instead I have re-counted every single submission since the very first thread and organised them into a neat table.


it is a black dragonblack dragon


I done the sprite! Posting it soon.


Always doing great. [aaa


Looks like everyone started making sprites lol


This is all i want!


Good, I encourage more activity in the scene.


But somehow I feel quantity is dominating quality, ppl make 2-3 sprites a day but don’t spend much time to any of them.


As long as there is a balance; Quality, though in it’s practice is amazing, takes a LOT of time and if you’re not careful the whole thing will dwindle to nothingness. I at least like to see some art on the thread after a while.

Obviously we all know that the other extreme is just as deadly.

Also 2-3 sprites a day I can see achievable with the level of experience some of our certain artists have at the moment, I remember back in 2015 I could make a few in a day if I pushed myself. Now it just feels like every single remix is a whole project on it’s own.

Updated the sheet btw!


I made my sprites all day yesterday , just posted today


I finally made 3 version of their torso than my torso resembles a dinosaur isn’t it ?


wondering whether it is possible to put a fully assembled fur in one art ?


“fully assembled fur”? Not sure what you mean by that.


I mean to connect the arms of the fur and feet in one and throw art in here


I know how to collect art in one


full version of my torso