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I drew a new torso. Since it’s been a while since I drew the last one, I guess I can post this one to make up for the quote on quote “loss.”


@Sarah247 New Paint Designs???


I give you…BLOODHOUND!

  • Blank/Metal Version:

  • Heat Version:

  • Heat + Flaming Hand Version:

If you wanna see how it was made,click this.
There are 9 images.

How it was made!

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Please enjoy :smiley:

"Scythe of fate" as a new 2019 year present (portal)

Download :





HellHound, the rival of GrimReaper


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Halloween Titan Boss

Disclaimer. I know this is not Super Mechs themed, but lets be honest. I am not the best when it comes to that category.
Credits: 1
@L4K3 I kinda used your scythe design. It is on his non gun hand, as you can see right here.

Now, idea for this boss?
Exclusive weapons + gold + tokens. It will give tokens in exchange, as well as some gold, about 50,000 on defeat.
Weapons are dropped at random.
The scythe weapon, Bloodhound (By L4K3) will drop 25% of the time.
And the side gun weapon (Which I will call Halloween Popper) will drop 10% of the time. These are L-M weapons, and can only be obtained during Halloween.
For the scythe. Since I do not claim ownership, L4K3 can make the stats.
Halloween Popper
(It looks better if it was clearer.) Stats?
It will be a heat side weapon.
Weight: 43
(Max Mythical Stats)
310 - 425 damage
78 heat damage
3 heat resistance damage
3 uses
54 heat usage
No Energy Cost

Boss Stats

Normal -
1,500 hp
350 heat
150 cooling
250 energy
100 energy regeneration
5 physical resistance
3 heat resistance
5 energy resistance

Hard -
2,250 hp
500 heat
300 cooling
400 energy
175 energy regeneration
10 physical resistance
7 heat resistance
10 energy resistance

Insane -
2,900 hp
650 heat
450 cooling
500 energy
250 energy regen
15 physical resistance
13 heat resistance
15 energy resistance

Forgot to mention. The Drone is also a cosmetic for your drone.
Depending on what type your drone is, thats what color it is.



Halloween Popper - Halloween Boss Drop

Took me 17 minutes to draw xd


Aye, the maybe upcomming shotguns.


Drones and Shotguns Wanted!

My trial on making a shotgun.



Rift Splitter







I fixed the far left red circle area, but I’m not sure what you mean with the far right red area and the green area…


Ewwww. We already have Reckoning, Bulldog and Mercy.


What if they were weaker e-m’s?