SuperMechs Sandbox


Pretty sure thats a standard part…


in fact I take parts of various weapons and make remixes


The flaming machine gun part isn’t. It looks awfully familiar to the one Killin made.


I only did a little edit, to make it larger, anyway, it’s the best remix anyone have ever made using something from me.

I will vectorize it @XxTheCraftxX.


thanks KilliN for that comment


It’s called remixing. Not stealing.


@XxTheCraftxX’s “Max Hit” Vectorized in Flash.


May not look exactly the same due to some shapes being pretty difficult to make it look good.


any chance we can get this?


That’s for you @XxTheCraftxX. ^


You did a good job at vectorising it…and Good Job to @XxTheCraftxX


hey guys,sorry im not making much spriteslatly,been busy with…life



Can we get this for the game? Do you have this in a PSD or workable file?


yes :slightly_smiling_face:


If you could send me a message with it that would be great!


You Can Help Me ??


You have to turn your file into a SWF file, then put it into a hosting site which sends the file.

I recommend this for a hosting site to send files through.

All you need to do now is turn your file into SWF.


wow thanks KilliN you improved it is much better in flash


wow sarah thank you for your comment


Here goes another weapon “Physical damage”