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Endo [Torsos]


Rocket By : @Maxy


Dude, credit the people who made the items. The top rocket launcher is made by Maxy I believe. Not entirely sure though.


No lmao, it’s an oficial sprite.

But unused.


Thought official sprite has 4 barrels not 6.

Oh. But I saw someone making a very similar one.


Unused tier of the oficial sprite man.


Dude,I like it,but I can’t think of it as a full-blown torso,but more like a base of one.

You see,let’s say that the radiator part is the torso’s abs and the pot armor piece is its chest.

If you could maybe add it a head section and why not a litte part that leaves in relief on the sides (where the hands would be,so it isn’t just a big rectangle,needs something on the sides) it’d be great.
This is a really good base for and I’m telling you this because I’d like to see it as an actual torso.

This is constructive criticism,by the way.


Mech By:Khururukis


Sprite topic.


Damn i miss lava scope so much



Shape [Top Weapon]


Dude,I highly agree with the heat in the left.
But not with the pony.
Could you make another one with the heat on the left and this one in the right?

If you do,it’ll be my new background :smiley:



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At At Leg & At M6 Torsos
At%20At%20Leg AT%20M6%20Torsos


rememebr this thing?

i am not sure how to fix it…


OHM,do you like this?