SuperMechs Sandbox


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no me causa risas dentro de todos los juegos violentos para chicos de cierta edad es bueno de alguna forma


Fajnie, z tym że nic a nic nie zrozumiałem z twojego postu, bracie… Może przejdziemy na jeden uniwersalny język zamiast bawić się w podchody lingwistyczne?


We wont add a purple weapon anytime soon but if you can make it in the default orange colors of physical damage we can use this.



Don’t crop it as R-E and L-M.

Tank Feet


This is random, but I’d love to see a mix of Hard Hitter and/or Moon/Sun, Super Fletchette, and Apocalypse Mk I/II/II.

Thank you to anyone who takes this in mind! :smiley:


Show me screenshots of these weapons


Hard Hitter:
55 PM
44 PM
15 PM
Super Fletchette:
24 PM
Apocalypse I/II/II:
32 PM
08 PM
41 PM



I already have like 4 projects so i’m not promissing!


Got it!


Saturday I have more time
I’m going to invent some things to have fun with the sprites


I do not know how to vectorize…I hope you like v-power sniper heat jejej :smile:


Una shotgun sniper Q.Q!


Great looks! This could be a Full new kind of Mech type.

  • Acid Mech + Acid weapons that could melt enemy attackpower, disable some functions.

  • Or Freezer Mech who, can disable walking for a round, or walking distance or jumping,
    or lower enemy weapon power by freezing.

What do you think @KilliN and @Xzyckon ?


Hell yeaaaaa 20 chars


Decided to rename this thread to ‘SuperMechs Sandbox’, I thought it would coincide better with the current ideas flowing through my head.


hand drawn original nice


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Out of all those videos, the charcoal one is the best.


Russian sm video confirmed.
…i proud of yt logic
P.S. Are you watching Sm video on “Chinaski” channel?


I don’t watch him, just took a look to discover how can make more views than the number of active players on sm.