SuperMechs Sandbox




Well, I mean NOW A DAYS xd
But, I will say. Good work.
My most liked one is rainbow madness for some reason.


It’s because it actually looks cool.


oh ok.
I thought my Magma Drill looked cool.

Then again thats just me/

How are people so good at drawing on the computer.

  1. The drawings look crisper
  2. Hand drawing is easier for me but it looks a whole ton fuzzier because of my terrible broken camera.


This is a non-shitpost zone, flying in this area with trash will result in you getting shot down.


I want to ask same.




Now this is a remix!
I see,you took Crazed Repeater/BigDaddy for a base.
Looks good,but feels like it lacks something…Idk.


Probably the barrels that we are used to seeing on it.


guy i got a better program, i will be ready to make better color



pretty good as well.



I have no idea what the actual heck I was trying to draw.
But, it was an idea.
So, I was thinking of a drone that will always come out at the start of the match.
The drone would basically give you the ability to get you a bit more energy at the start of the match, at around 60 - 90 at the start of the round. Downside? It can’t attack.
Have a nice day.
(The tube is there because it connects to your mech. Its basically a sun light generator thing.)


This interests me in concept more so than for artisan reasons because it actually looks like a module which don’t really get any spot light in the sm sprite scene.


Huh. I do kinda like the idea and the design. It could be buffed a bit. Ex: It would slowly take away your energy storage (3 per turn) but it would regen it back. I mean give back actual energy. Not the storage.