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Your torso designs are sexy… I love 'em! I


umm sexy is not an adj to call a torso


all of my creation



give me comments instead of likes



Yes it is a gread adj for girls, cars, and of course torsos. Open your mind!


This is a work of art. Dunno if it fits into SM though, too much detail.

@L4K3 anyone can remove the black part from the image since it’s all one color. Just use the magic wand in Photoshop.


I don’t know what you mean…What black part?
Plus,my only program is Inkscape.
If I could help with something,I’d be glad.


You know how on all your mechs the area surrounding it is black (the same color)? Just use magic wand and it will select it all and delete.


Ah,you’re talking about the mechs I asked KilliN to render for me,right?




I can’t do it.
Not with the programs I have and I can’t download any more either…


By @rianma123
I Do Give you


I like it, but it’s too flat like some of your other ones.



Hight Feet [Leg fix]






i again used shool time to draw a torso XD


oh ye i don’t know the way to make our robotic torsos to become sexy XD


gonna add it here soon, just need to draw some small details and paint