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here is vectorized represor z Thanks to killin that made it possible…this had not been more beautiful without your help…KILLIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH


That besides looking like the most badass heat weapon ever. Looks like a freaking beast of a star ship lol

(looks like one to me).


Me parece excelente el trabajo has hecho, no creo sea egoísta, gracias a tus Sprites, le has dado esperanza a los creadores de Fanart y que Tacticsoft toma eso en cuenta.


Thank you for all your past sprite contributions, they were excellent.

Good luck for your future man.


And get help for that ridiculous anime addiction of yours, please.


thanks for the zark torso, have fun with life.


Do what’s best for you, this is just a game at least for us.
Also, Z is a great torso and looks cool, some people are mad cuz they think it’s easy to throw together a bunch of existing pieces and come up with a new one but actually they won’t have any idea on where to start doing it, LeL :joy:



Destroys everything, including your ego.

I will release a video of the making of this weapon!


Can we just adopt purple as the main color for all energy weapons (instead of blue), that shit is just sexy af.


Sad to hear. It only just now felt like we all broke that annoying artistic barrier after obtaining copies of Adobe Flash but at the end of the day, if you don’t enjoy it anymore then moving on would be the right choice. All I can say is good luck with whatever opportunities await you this year.

I myself will be taking breaks to fulfill other projects of mine, projects that I feel have neglected to manage during the course of 2017.


Trinergy In the making!


We want these legs in - game!
Any chance you can flash them into tiers for us?


Awesome! We love this one too.
If we can get in with Tiers and in flash we can make it in-game!
Really great work!


Physical or heat? (Because electrics already have enough legs…)


Fam what version of flash you using?


Killin - we can help you meet your 1,000 views.
Can we post this on our Facebook page?


Yes, please! Channel it’s kinda dead after being innactive : /

Plus i just finished the leg tiers!


Awesome! Ok posting it on our facebook now!


thank you very much that would be great…I just want people who play to enjoy as much as I do with new things I’m new to this but I like the idea of ​​contributing to the game that amuses me and made me have some friends…


It is a healthy game in everything here there is no violence or things that cause traumas very good games for adults and children :slight_smile: