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The sprites made by those you mention are using a different format of picture that allows for much larger images without compromising how blurry things get.


she does not love you Mark 1 and 2 jejej


que ajco ok no esta chula soy master killer XD!


Since I created my history of super mechs generations I have been creating a new type of weapon the type “function” in my story is the strongest weaponry is the function of the physical type, heat, energy and nuclear type the characteristics of armaments of this type is its damage that is 300-800 and the blow generates heat drains energy and is a critical blow and also that it is nuclear every two turns of 100 life takes to be able to withstand the blows in my story torsos were created I work with more than 1500 of life and in its maximum forms 2000 of life more than 300 of heat and 400 of energy in my history those that created the type of function in a race called hunters can be said that they are the most intelligent race and with the most advanced technology in the universe



Very powerful weapon?


creo puedes hacerla mejor, ya conoces el concepto de la shotgun simple pero sensual, es como una dama con revolver XD!


la próxima lo mejoro mientras dejo esta como esta are una distinta…gracias igual por el consejo


It would be a pride if they chose a design that I invented for the game. I do not ask for anything in exchange for having it in the game.that is enough for me


Eventual yes , I guess the more you design the better you get!

These other guys have been doing this for years now , first time they implemented our design was in the zarkares torso


the only design implemented in the game proposed by players is the zarkares?


several years ago game
I was always interested
I am very excited about the progress of the game and, by the way, my sprites will try to improve more…google translator a partial


i love the form


Lovely. Proud that i could see it’s development.


That’s really so good!


These are great but could you next time not upload them on a big canvas? It makes the Lastest Artwork lag whenever I put the [spoiler] code over it.


Ok …thx :slight_smile: … i like


Will anyone design a Mordulec torso? I can even take a pose so that you can take a good look at what I look like:


Rise of the Planet of the Apes torso?


No, Mordulec torso: