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parece una nave espacial alienigena jejej pero esta genial


Here’re more balanced stats :slight_smile:

2 walk distance

268-344 phys dmg
11 phys resistance drain
2 knockback
2 uses

Btw what do you exactly mean with alien tier?
Oh yeah and i also like your sprites -.-


un dron

hecho con 90% de un torso viejo y 10% de otro…los hice legendario y mítico partes que saque del torso y las combine y transforme


I will start publishing in English


Balanced? Lol it’s Alien tier bro.

Alien tier = Over mythical

Purple Details

Over powered.

And the stats you give are not even near to be balanced .-.


More balanced !

Hp 486
weight 128
2 walk distance
212-268 physical damage
8 physical reistance drain
2 uses


Guys don’t bring back this limited feet prank, legs have unlimited uses.


freezer arms
I’ll see if he soon took out the attack gif


#Iron bunneh

Sprite made in thanks to our friend @Fluxeon for all support. :rabbit2:


Arcane ? How about this?


I’m using the “alien” term for over a year already.

You could create your own tier too…

And download animator bro, it’s really much easyer than ilustrator.




el conejo de pascuas te viene a traer el huevo … the Easter rabbit comes to bring you the egg


killin se gano el oscar a los easter rabbits XD!



This drone allows the player to switch it between ‘explosive’ and ‘electric’ mode during battle; the explosive weaponry comes in the form of a rocket launcher as it’s eye socket while the barrel below it acts as it’s electric weaponry. The lights around these weapons as well as the ones underneath it’s scale design fade in or out accordingly as the player switches between the two modes.

Fishtail was originally intended to be a radical tier item due to this unique ability it possesses, however to adapt to the game for possible implementation I have decided to make it tier up from Epic to Mythical. So far I have only made the epic and legendary versions, the mythical one will have to come later.

First remix I’ve done in Flash CS6 guys! :smile:


Represor x and Represor z


You r getting really better :slight_smile: this one’s good

Try to make it enlarged and without bg like @Xzyckon @KilliN and @Zarkares does


I will try :slight_smile: sir jejeje


it looks like that because I get it from small parts…sry…
the images I use are small


Damn these are cool