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no name x


Symbol 1

Symbol 2

Symbol 3

The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread

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Remasterized sprite for @XDiego

( Winner of Sprite Contest #3 )


Check it out!


which is better?
Rolling Flames
rolling flames
Flux Rifle
Flux Rifle
message me your favorite





first trying;
i wanted to do more detail to it but my “Potato PC” cant do anything(especially cant run adobe animate). can someone remake it for me? pls?


Concept design - Reloaded Shields

Didn’t try too hard… Final one (No. 4) is an idea pitched by @SeanChoi1870 (best one by far too lol)






idk what to name it (yet)

i sent this link while the video was uploading so please take some time for it to upload and then you can see it :slight_smile: EDIT It has been processed and published. its ready. Come watch it!
I call this the Freerunner


100% Original


The Darkos Legs

The concept made by @Darkos which consists of the opposite traits of the Claw. Originated from here: A new idea of legs

Symbol 1
Symbol 2
Symbol 3

A new idea of legs
Hover Board Legs

Earth (Coming Soon Legendary & Mythical)







Okay it’s supposed to be called jumpers because it can jump 3 spaces walk 2 spaces





The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread