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It’s not an item but it’s something 2018_05_01_113331


This was made by @Zarkares.

Btw seems you just pasted copies…



Poor MrOneTwo


Congrats. your weapon got added and i have it too.


here ya go. new remix
Special Request Item: Tappers (Legacy)
Requested by: @UchihaMadara
electrified stompers



igneous sword


no name!!!

black winter








Remastered weapon for @SeanChoi1870

(2nd Place of Sprite Contest #2)
L4K3 inherited the victory!



SuperMechs- Sprite idea 1


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if you had no weight limit, and access to all weapons with a 100% damage boost and a 75% armor boost, would you do it?
My mechs stats:
HP- 3,750
Heat- 730 w cooldown- 340
energy 1000 w reg.- 530
Axe damage- 230-450 w -15 energy resist
e flamethrower damage- 250-410 w -20 energy resist
top weapons- 450-520 w -30 energy resist
drone- 230-300 w -20 energy resist


Veteran Bandit


Symbol 3

Symbol 2

Symbol 1
Symbol 6


my first hand written remix. little blurry cause bad chromebook camera