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Is my style no is the style super mechs …


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Please always give credit to the original artists


If work is not credit it will be deleted from this thread. It doesn’t take more than a minute to find and write the original art work owners name and there is no good excuse not to do so.


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How about a laser sword in heat, energy, and physical?


Ballista maybe?


I recolored it


text says: Element inspired by KilliN.
im not as good as you XD but i did try


burning awaken

ionizing plasma





hurricane rock

im bored


what do you think


Epic Mode


technically my b day is tomorrow (may 1st) but i couldnt wait to post this



This was made in less than 10 minutes.
I had to make a sprite for the contest and I rushed like crazy.
For something made in around 8-9 minutes,I think it looks okay.
I don’t have the time to fix it and whatever so,for now,it’s gonna stay like this.


for those who did not see this remake of the apocalypse


my humble opinion this is one of the best proposals:

**the battering ram**

Creator: @Maxy

I think you need a “head” in the attack area that evokes the medieval age that made this element powerfully famous … and perhaps add the epic, legandary and mythical visualizations … I’m sure this element will give a lot of character and personality to the game. like an ancestral weapon brought to the game.

I’m sure that if you join the talents to @KilliN in the animation of the element, it will result in a work of art worthy of this game