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dragon flame thrower


4 weapons by @Maxy.
Maxy, you should mark your weapons. like killin does.


It’s a spear


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Cousin to the Healing Drone


Simple yet effective. Looks nice in a small scale.


i either call this the Hot Shot or Long Shot. which do you prefer?

  • I prefer Hot Shot
  • I prefer Long Shot

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In a way, i prefer hot shot, but im still not 100% sure
why was my comment to my post deleted… -_-



learn how to coloring yesterday
38 PM
seems like @XDiego’s early sprite…


Collaboration with @SeanChoi1870

Name: Unknown

Adapted from this:

Both drawn by me with designs by me. Only difference SeanChoi1870 wanted was a connected barrel while mine is split. SeaChoi1870 provided the sketch of which these were based off

My version of the picture:
Symbol 1

SeanChoi1870’s version:
Symbol 2

Pick your fav (for fun):

  • WinzKay
  • SeanChoi1870

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Zxyckon, if you have a problem with this build, please message me and i will take this down.

The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread

Collab with @SeanChoi1870. Drone
Name: Unknown


Adapted from this sketch by SeanChoi1870


robust armed



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big ass mech
give me 7 likes on this post to see the overkill version!


This one is awesome.
Can we get this for the game?


Well we love it!
Can we use it?