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We shall be sticking to sprite posts only by popular demand. Thank you all.

I would like to recommend that if you want to comment you join the discord (in the first post) or create a new thread linking to what you wish to discuss.


if you guys want to make some remixes, i got 2 sprites from the supermechs team, thanks to @KilliN


Half-off topic note: that sprite sheet is in @Xzyckon’s download link in 1st post ^^


forged steel




@SeanChoi1870 's artwork and my style collaboration:

Destiny (Scalpel Reloaded)


Kinda small but this is the size of a sword ingame

Designed from this:


goat thing


Tranquility By WinzKay



Top weapons by @Maxy
can someone pls make the legs and body darker for me pls? i want the weapons to match the body
also please keep making dark parts so i can make more of these


okay guys i got a new top weapon

states are its basicly a weapon that is the energy heat and phy in one crazy ass sniper



I know it deserves some improving, was made in less than 40 minutes.




i call it raining missiles


Black fog (2)
something black


how do you like it I don’t think elcent will approve kind of violent just imagine no wires




Savagrey Mark II

remade the mythical savagrey.


my first weapon made by scratch
i tried my best but i still think it sucks


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