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This side weapon is great.
If we could get this one in tiers we can put it in the game.


I definitely want my weapon in the game.
Let’s make this one with tiers and get it in :slight_smile:


Just tried to do something

Vector svg file:


We can use it in the game if you make it in tiers.


This is my first work, I will try to improve in future.


Now I have a working version of Flash CS6 I will be recreating my remixes in that program. So, some time is needed.

Though if you can update sprites in the future I can give you the raster versions for now and then when the time comes have the sprites replaced with the vector recreations.


Well we loved your first work! No need for improvement.


It is easier to get the correct file first. No worries we will wait.


Okay, I’ll build my fla file up in the meantime then.


Would you like to join our discord server so It’s easier to talk?


Seems to be a good idea.


I also just instaled Adobe Ilustrator, there we go!


Make the tiers


What is that about the levels?


Tiers = Normal / Rare / Epic / Legendary / Mythical


Then they can possibly put it in the game or they want to integrate it into the game[quote=“kingblinks, post:199, topic:260, full:true”]
Just tried to do something

Vector svg file:


Because if so, I would like to see this in my mech


disculpen tiene algunos errores de edición estoy practicando jejej


What do you use? Paint?


en parte si y en parte gimp


Great WORK :exclamation:

Some tokens for that great work would be a thing :exclamation: