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Adobe Flash/Animate Guide
Due to the amount of people here now using Adobe Flash/Animate there is now a guide specifically for using the software for remixing SM sprites. It was started by @Elcent is and being worked on by myself and others here.

SMC Sprite Archive
Want to try remixing sprites yourself? Here’s some sprite sheets to help give you some material to experiment on, you can download it here.

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1st Thread (Old Forum):
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Discord Link
Our discord server where we chat and shitpost. We also share artwork as they progresses through their development cycle.

Custom Parts? #TooShortTitle
Designing my own Torso, Legs, Weapons and Drones?
Supermechs Fanart - Weapons Remixes
I have made new legs with 2 other legs (please tell me if thats not aloud)
Maybe you can add these legs?
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Improvements, more depth and simplicity suggestions
Adobe Animate Sprite Guide
Adobe Animate Sprite Guide
Another idea: a new set of mech parts for a dragon theme
Is there any sprite artist if so can you help me?

So a new idea has just bounced off inside my head, which I shall call ‘Custom Parts’. Basically what this is, is a bunch of varying parts made during the initial sprite which can be swapped out to customise it; we’re talking about window shapes, lights, extras sticking out of the general sprite, minor details like that. Now obviously this will require more work and thus I won’t be able to apply this to most of the sprites that I have made or make in the future, but for the ones that I test this out on should be pretty awesome if all goes well.

I shall use the Bulkhead as an example, with it’s default parts applied surrounded by the ‘custom parts’ in their respective areas of application.

*Window tint colours will also be an option of customisation, red is used by default when I edit sprites due to it’s easy HSL values.


Updated part listing for the Bulkhead

It features:

  • 1 Master Sprite
  • 6 Bodykits
  • 9 Frontal Windows
  • 7 Extra Details
  • 15 Head Types
  • 4 Spoilers
  • 20 Chestplate Parts

I am currently working on names for the parts and their manufacturers. I have also made three logos related to this project.


Do anyone know in wich program is it made? is it just in some kind of photoshop or there is special program for supermechs parts?


Hey! anyone here???


@ODZ Yes, a general image manipulation program. The one I use is GIMP, sometimes in combination with Inkscape for custom masking.


My turn.


Yes bring some :slight_smile:


That moment when it crashed and you don’t have a backup… Oh wait i always have a backup! @Xzyckon

Please do not look at my toolbox.
I had uninstalled the program and now that I reinstalled I am too lazy to configure it. ;-;


That’s my first Sprite in like two months :dizzy: Hope you like.

Repair Node Mark I i miss coloring texts :c

And as usually i created some status :stuck_out_tongue:, there you go:
Mythical Torso

314 Hit Points
110 Energy
20 Regeneration
100 Heat
35 Cooling

8 Physical Resistance

+12 Hit Points Per Turn

Click Here To See My Other Sprites!

Edit1: Forgot To say that i stole some shapes from @Xzyckon Pack :blush:

Edit2: I’m lazy to explain about the white shadow, just sorry lol.


@KilliN great work pal :slight_smile: luv the sprite and regen effect, But it could get op with the “Diamond shell cancerous push” type loadout. And people will always find a way to abuse it.

All in all great work.


Oh wow, this looks quite clean. Good job!

BTW do not be afraid to use the stuff that I’ve made, that is the spirit of doing this spritework after all and also I love seeing what directions a piece of art can turn with the aid of others.


I prefer thinking that the repair drone doesn’t exists :v


it is kind of a bs item…


It is, all it really does is just prolong the battle.


What’s “BS” ?

I’m brazilian…


@KilliN Sorry for the my crude language but that means Bullsh*t


Np lol, and thanks!


new costoms will be nice :grinning:


What I would give it:
346 Hit Points
120 Energy
25 Regen
110 Heat
30 Cooling
4 All Resistances
22 Hit Points Per Turn, 20% buff if repair drone is activated
402 Weight