Supermechs Road To rank one series

So Very soon on youtube, I will start to upload a new Sm series

                     ****ROAD TO RANK 1****

I will start to Upload Videos On Friday Around 8:30am NZ Time and 1-2pm NZ Time for the weekends,
I will be trying to make this a daily upload series but there might be the Odd day that i cant upload,

Feel Free to leave suggestions for other Games you want to see cause i will try to upload other content

So Strap On In, Set this to watching and Join The Journey For Rank 1
Also Please consider Smashing the Like Button and Subscribing, And Turn on that bell


wot ze fock



So i was thinking, i already have 1 video ready to upload but i might just stream this afternoon, should i?

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Should exerts stream?

  • Yes
  • If he/she has time
  • No

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The 1st episode is live, srry for the late upload, Remember to like ans subscribe, or i will steal your Cookies


srry, cant make todays Episode, im out of town for the weekend, will be back up on Monday
And proberbly will be away for a few days after