Supermechs pop-up ad's become better





Actualy the second one kinda of apeals to me…
I was searching to get hitched… could be my chance?


Tbh i think Becca should join them


And the second ad has more aesthetic. Its not just a bloddy mess like the first. Altho Russian women are mediocre


I thought ads were taylored to search hiatory… :wink:


Ads are showing what you browse and search ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Actualy if my memory serves me well… in my last visit to Moscow, and the to SanktPetersburg . the women there were …hmm… incredibly beautifull… not so much in my bootcamp in Siberia tho.
Also i saw some pretty outstnading looking women in Kiew too( @kingblinks) , and then in Praque.
Also met some very attractive women in Israel,and some of the most fierce ones( those ladies are on par or even more fierce then the men, was my only defeat in hand to hand, incredible dexterity with blades)
The most firery women i would say Budapest(@MrOneTwo know this).
But the most beutiful woman i met was in Moscows subway… hands down… missed 2 trains just by staring at her.