Supermechs old versions

i’ve already… STAR

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You can play by using sites like The Internet Archive, when you load a capture of from enough time ago

You won’t be able to save your progress tho

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I’ll try, do you have any example?

No, but a small internet search (and following the steps above and asked by the website) and you should be good

Internet Archive websites are pretty slow to load tho

idk how those things work

Best Version of SuperMechs was …

  • before Reloaded of course

  • before Clans existed

  • when every item had a Level and you could build a Level Mech what ever you wanted = like GOAT in Arena, but every possible Level you can imagine and build

The 2 with Clans I took to show that you can imagine how much fun it was to build :exclamation:

See very low damage and low HP … that was best SuperMechs ever :exclamation:



the best supermechs was when u could buy things from shop, buy crates, with tokens and money, campaign, fun chat and battles…

in my opinion supermechs was at it’s best before godmode torso existed

i saw pavic’s video on how to get legacy supermechs so here it is i guess

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Please tell me the link!

It doesnt work, it glitches out a lot!!!



I tried that one, but i want newer versions, like 4.001 or above.

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1.611 is the best one you’re going to get

But it’s boring! I want 4.001 because it’s the best oldest version, other than 1.611, who doesn’t have a campaign and challenges. And more things…!

1.611 does have a campaign, and did you follow the video’s instructions correctly

I downloaded aptoide, put it on bluestacks, downloaded 4.001… BOOM! It suddenly glitches out. The elements in it just start freaking out.

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Links please @Super-G?

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then just get 1.611 for crying out loud