Supermechs Offline

Before we jump on to my idea, @Sarahsh247 can SM being offline possible?

Alright, my idea is how about if we can SM in our phones offline in our accounts? You know, just playing campaign and if there’s more extra in-game features in the future -(ツ)- but cannot play multiplayer if offline P:

About in pc, well, that’s another story. It’s browser based so of course you need to have internet connection. But if Supermechs will ever get into Steam ( which would never happen since it’s been stuck in Steam Greenlight like 2 years? ), then maybe we could play it offline?

Let me know what you think :p[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Ehh, sure
  • No, it sucks

How would you ever login if the game was offline?


Didn’t think of that .-.

I didn’t even know Super Mechs is on Steam (Greenlight) lol

What if you could log in with an internet connection to SM and the game would automatically turn on “offline mode” if there is no internet connection? It would last until you quit the application or the game could even remember your account’s “credentials” (username + password; so you wouldn’t need an internet connection to log in)…
######I don’t even play SM on mobile lol

I think one issue to keep in mind is, if the game is being played offline, what stops someone from using cheats to get any items they want?

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rip then…

That was the first thing i got on mind lol

offline mode can be reset when you go online again . it is just for fun .

also , we need 2 players offline mode as well using end turn on the same PC and switch players.