Supermechs New Update (1st Post)

Playing with Android I was giving it for free. I have not tried it if it’s still free. I mean … free is a saying, in exchange for advertising more exactly.

I use a laptop @Wepwawet . I was just posting what the new update looks like. My phone wont even run supermechs it’s really old lol.

How does it look on the android?

Weird I never seen it before on my laptop. Maybe it is a phone thing they added to the version?

It looks exactly the same. I was traveling for the weekend and I had to play with my cel a little. So I’ve already seen this extra bonus, but free.


Be careful with clicking anything in the Legacy Converter! It’s the proverbial toilet everyone is talking about and it flushes everything in that category down the toilet. O_O

I suggest keeping your fingers away from them if you haven’t equip every usable legacy item on the mechs you have. Or they’ll be gone - flushed.

I don’t even want to know about the rate of conversion… :confused:

lmfao I got that one today. now it just needs the Sarcastic version of Duke Nukem voice and it would be somewhat worthy…

You mentioned the EPIC drop on Bigboy, it is there but with a bad percentage hit on getting it. I did get one box today with an EPIC and a RARE from him.
They changed the bots over to fire bots plus juiced up Bigboy a little bit so he hits harder and slightly better cooldown on Normal.