Supermechs New Update (1st Post)

I posted in the wrong section woops :stuck_out_tongue:

Im download update but dont see it, can u send screenshot?

Link to Sarah’s announcement about the update.

New looks for modules

New legacy converter


LOL i cant tell what anything is now haha!!!

This makes me think we will be able to have 6 mechs eventually

Oh snap!!! It is mech storage!! We can have 6 builds and switch them out!!!

Mech Storage still takes up inventory space.But at least I have a place to put stuff I don’t want to accidentally fuse.

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gotta say I preffered the old look.


Shows single player high score rank on rank splash. It is slightly changed too.

Looks like they brought back premium accounts, still get 0 reward for quitters though.

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Shows single player high score in battle now too.
That is kind of neat.

Quitters still cheated me out of most of my daily challenge gold though, even though the lowest high score that faced me was #101

They did not fix matchmaking… I guess it is kind of hard, if i only got to fight people = to me in power i would rarely get a match… I guess when the #56th best player in the world just quits when he or she sees me, balancing matchmaking is impossible…

Looks like they added a new pop up message just in case you didn’t realize you were clubbing a seal now you get OVER KILL lol…

Oooo found anouther
Ultrakill… whatever that means…

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Now they just need to add the sound effect to it and it will be just like some of the first person shooter games on steam. “Overkill” - “Ultrakill” in the Duke Nukem Voice

Haha FINISH HIM!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a Bullseye sign too if you finish your opponent exactly 0 HP left

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MMmmmmmmmmmmmonster kill…Remember, guys?

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They forgot the basics of maths. 0 credits because of the quitter robbing you of victory is still 0 credits with the premium account. I really see no point in buying premium. They should repair the quitter bug first. Then it will make sense. What do you think guys?


Killer Instinct!!! :mouse:

The problem with matchmaking still is that there are maybe 15 or 20 well fused mythic mechs in the game. Right now I am 3rd on the season rankings so I get matched with people in the very top ranks looks like between #1 - #150. They did this because if I only got matches from the top 10 we would never have a match and we could never get enough wins/kills/losses to maintain top 10 standing. So unfortunately I see no way to fix matchmaking other than time. Reintroducing epic drops from bigboy would go a long way to fixing the matchmaking (by making people more powerful). As it is now even people in the top 50 still quit…

No clue why, but I saw “Ultrakill” since 4 years at my screen !