Supermechs ⛅ New Mission ! New Box! (Mission Expired)


Alright There is a lot of new stuff going on… so in this video I open x1 (Premium Pack) Box and Beat the New Mission in Insane mode !!! This video will hopefully get a lot of attention !!!

UNLISTED WILL UPLOAD in 1 1/2 Hours !!!
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wait you have a yt channel?!?


Yep I work very hard on it. Before I joined Supermechs I was a semi-known minecraft YouTuber !
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It wasnt supposed to start so fast, it will return in few days :wink:


@Eneginner sweet but how do u know ?1?!


u can check out on another post



@Elcent Yay hopefuly when it does come back soon i’ll grind the crap out of it !!!


aye 600 views in less then 24 hours !


The mission is back come watch this video !


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