Supermechs β›… My 1-Health Win!


Sometimes not often you end up winning with low health but this match I won with just 1-HP. :smile:
No I did not record it through replays this is live ! If you have any questions let me know. This video is unlisted and will stay that way for a little bit. :astonished:

Why was I recording live ? I was trying to find an easter egg i’m still looking for it.

(all positive comments will be loved)


close matches always leave you at the edge of your seat. And when you win… it feels even better. :slight_smile:


ye I should of lost this one tho


Seems like your prayers to RNGeesus have been listened to…


seems this game involves a lot of luck :l


That was a pretty cool vid, but that intro and outtro. Omg


minecraft the best gamw, enjoy it 25/7 :metal::metal::metal:


Lol I made it myself, I make everything myself .


Yea my channel started up on minecraft im still kinda new to supermechs but I know your not :3


if you want to win you probably need better energy regen


Maxing out my weapons


Weird to see rank 3 with only 1k hp :expressionless:


Your right I’m actually higher then rank 3 sometimes


This video is outdated, i’m just going to save it and hold on to the video for memories.




This video is is getting older and older :hamburger: