Supermechs Mediawiki

there’s a supermechs wiki already… why not just edit that?

Because I’m really anal and like doing things my way and being completely in control :sweat_smile:


that’s pretty viable

as you were XDD


There is a official guide of SuperMechs that dont even work :confused:

@Pavic This works and will continue to work and be updated!


For the campaign 1v1 part is it just going to be the pictures or also some explanation?

Also, once you think you’re done go check out andernut’s thread

@jhjln87 I’m thinking it’ll be the picture of each map, I’ve managed to use image mapping so now when you click on a stage on the picture it takes you to that page. Then I plan to grab stage pictures and the stats for each mech on that stage.

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Nice… If you need some help ask me :slight_smile: ( I kinda have experience with HTML)


@Pavic Appriciated. I’m good for the moment, I’m doing it on a mediawiki I installed on the site so it’s pretty simple for now, just involves alot of googling and reading, but I’ll be sure to ask you if I get really stuck.

Added a simple weapons page. If anyone wants to make edits, feel free to do so.


I think I’ve come up with a layout that’s simple yet informative.

Please take a look at let me know what you think.

Under campaign, Restoration of Earth, I’ve got all the maps, on the first one, The Dry Lands I’ve added image mapping so whatever level you click on the picture it’ll take you to the information for that page.

Under 1.1, the first level of dry lands I’ve added the map and mech images.

Cool I can go write about the campaign later on.

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Right, pretty much finished all of 1.1.lots of pretty pictures, tables of exp, gold etc and details of the mech you fight.

Just finished adding pics and mech stats to 1. 2

What do you guys think to the layout? Too much?

Added pics, stats to 1.3

Added pics, stats to 1.4

Added pics and stats for 1.5. 2 more stages then The Dry Lands are fully finished

I was wondering, why the type of weapon is said “heat” when it’s kcearly shown on picture it’s a phys one ? ^^

Also, “heat +” and “energy -” are heat and energy cost ?

Gj anyway, there’s something nice to dig here ^^

Also, don’t you think it would be easier to make one post for updating annoucement, and you edit it when done ?

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@YGGM Which weapon?

Yeah the heat + and energy - where fk ups. I thought they what they did to you. I just realised so I’m going back and changing them to costs.

That is a good point, I’ll just edit this one or something.

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Most explicit exemple:

Normally, Ramoy’s minions’ weapons are Phys, and Ramboy’s weapons are Heat
But every weapon is categorized as “Heat”

And some goes for the rest of the levels, all the weapons (and legs) are Phys, but are shown in the table as “Heat”

It is clear enough ? ^^