Supermechs ⛅ MAXING Out My 2nd Item (Desert Snake) -YouTube-

Alright here is my second maxed out weapon !
The real disadvantage of this weapon is the 75 heat it cost and the 71 heat it deals.
Although it has unlimited ammo and far range !!! (Hidden stat -6 Regen opponent)

I’ll be maxing another weapon soon so stay tuned for that !!!

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It heat yourself more then your opponent ?

and needs energy




its unlimited though ;-;

I need that for my heat build,cause that’s the Big Boy’s Top weapon right?
I already have one good physical Main Mech i only need that to complete my Heat set
Where’d you get one?

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I opened a box for it… I think
the one Bigboy has is a more damage physical one

Huh,i still need the heat one like i can complete my heat mech,and bigboy is op,they need to nerf him

he is so easy

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for you that is…for me? naah too op

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i am not that good but look at the post by tomaciito your best weapons

i did,you have better stuff,i just got to rank 4 by BARELY winning a match again st a elec build

can i see a pic of your mech

Thanks for bumbing this thread guyz

Sorry m8,Just discussing


by the way i am in dwightx’s clan

@oliboy23 we need more people don’t u think? i think anyone should be able to join let me know what u think

yeah i guess so
we should recruit @0ld_Supermechs_User

If you go into clan and you search
— Pay To Wins —
That’s our clan your welcome to join

Giving this thread a final bumb of the night

Ill join,just be online!

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